Kennel Belgian Shepherd: Malinois, Tervueren & Groenendaeler

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Rocky du Domaine de Vauroux X Texas Chainsaw v.d. Vaardekenshoeve

Kennel Van de Vaardekenshoeve is expecting pups from the following combination: 

Rocky du Domaine de Vauroux


Texas Chainsaw v.d. Vaardekenshoeve 


The Groenendaeler and/or Tervueren puppies are born in november! Below already a few pictures. Check the for sale page as well. For more information, please contact me.



Qu'Rack v.d. Vaardekenshoeve X Rose v.d. Vaardekenshoeve

The Malinois puppies out of this magnificent combination are born in november ! Please find already some pictures. More can be found on the for sale page. For more information, contact me privately.